The Husband’s Rights Over His Wife

The Husband’s Rights Over His Wife

[The Husband’s Rights Over His Wife]
The man has the following rights over his wife: he has the right to be obeyed except for concerning something that Allaah has prohibited. he has the right to be treated in a respectable, decent and proper manner by his wife. The wife should sacrifice and give for him and protect him form annoyance and disturbances. She should please him in the manner that a wife can do.
She should keep distress and anger away from him. She should prevent those things that result in anger and dislike. She should not let the house become a living hell, wherein the husband only finds hardship and distress and does not find any happiness whatsoever.
[The Wife’s Rights Over Her Husband]
On the other hand, the wife also has some rights over her husband. These include: He must supply her with her dowry and her maintenance. He must protect her and provide for her in a way that is best for her. He must guard her from sources of displeasure. He must treat her well and not be despotic or harsh. Indeed, he must treat her in a beautiful manner, with patience, softness, kindness and forgiveness.
He should overlook lapses and not pursue her mistakes. He should not, at the first instance of a difference of opinion or problem, let his emotional excitement allow himself to destroy the close ties of marriage.
[Taken From “Marital Discord (An-Nushooz)” by Sh. Saalih Al-Sadlaan, Pp. 13-14]


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